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Slow computer how to fix


Slow computer how to fix


Delete all your useless files, folders programs, etc.
Clear the temporary internet files regularly.
Clear the temporary files also(Usually in C:Documents and Setting***UserLocal SettingsTemp)
Defragment your drives monthly and also check them for errors.
Keep your RAM to your cleaner program like FreeRam for a performance boost.
Whenever you quit an important program refresh the window to free the ram used to that program.
If you want to use heavy programs allocate more computer memory to the drives. To do this go to My Computers properties. In the Advanced tab, select Performance Settings and again you have to go the Advanced tab there. Select the computer memory Change Option and allocate the computer memory about 1.5-2 times your RAM(depends on your needs).
Customize Windows for optimizing Program performance instead of Background Task’s performance. Again you have to go Advanced tab in My Computers Properties and choose Performance Settings. From here select Advanced again and there, in this Processor Scheduling and Memory Usage options, confirm that Programs are select in both.
Windows has many slight animations (for style) which are hardly noticed but affect your system speed greatly. Go to My Computer’s properties>Advanced tab>Performance Settings>Visual Effects Tab. HERE SELECT THE CUSTOM RADIO BUTTON AND UNCHECK ALL the options EXCEPT THE LAST TWO and the OPTION-SHOW SHADOWS UNDER MENUS. If you uncheck ALL, your Desktop’s looks will suffer greatly.
For faster bootup, go to start>run. Type MSConfig and select the Startup Tab. Uncheck all the programs there which you don’t use whenever you boot up. eg-msnmsgr. DO NOT disable your antivirus. Restart as prompted and when you boot up again, check the Do Not Show This Message Again thingy and accept it. Doing so will remove the unnecessary programs from being started up whenever you turn on your PC.
Last but not least-HIBERNATE always. Agreed that it uses the maximum amount of space as your RAM to try to do this, but its better than a chilly start.

This is a reason for a slow computer.

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