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How To Start a Blog


How To Start a Blog and make money

Learn how you can start a blog today.

What is good than following your passion and make money.

People start blogging for reasons, like this:

  • Making money
  • Sharing the new learnings
  • Free travel
  • Review gadgets
  • Free travel


I think your one of the above or some other reasons, blogging could help you achieve your goal.

A few things:

This is the total guide with some theory and practical knowledge. A little bit of reading, and a little bit to follow the step to start your blog.

This is the first thing you would like before we start:

  • The name of your domain.

Note: you’ll always change your name within the future if you want.

Ready to start a blog.

Here are the steps to start a blog:

Step 1: Picking the blog topic
Step 2: Select the blogging platform
Step 3: Pick select domain name & hosting for your blog
Step 4: Setup the design of the blog
Step 5: Write your first blog post
Step 6: Share your writeup with the world
Step 7: Monetize your blog
Step 8: Drive traffic and gain more exposure

Note: To make it easier for you to take action, I’m suggesting only those options in terms of platform, hosting which are working for everyone.

How to start a blog free

Step 1: Choose a Blog name & domain name for your blog

             1. Easy to remember
             2.Easy to pronounce.
             3.Easy to type

Just remember this 3-factor when you picking a domain name for your blog.

The name of your blog is that the most important part of success. A domain name is the URL of a blog that a visitor will use to open a blog.

For example;

A custom domain name is like, for which we need to pay $9/year = ₹599/year. However, I have shared a trick above which will help you save this $9/year = ₹599/year on domain purchase.

Now, there are rules which will help you to pick the best name for your new blog.

Prefer your suitable domain as my suggestion you have to select .com, .in, .org.
Your domain name should be easy to pronounce and simple to type.
Make sure your domain name should not be confusing to the listener.

You can use the for domain suggestion to check if your domain name is available or not. Simply enter any word that you simply have picked for your blog and it’ll also show you available domain name suggestions.

My suggestion is to follow the 3 rules I shared below. Here are these things you should not do when selecting the domain name for your new blog:

  • Don’t use a too long domain name. Try to keep it lower than 14 characters. Ex: blogandtricks
  • I always prefer and suggest to use a domain name extension like .com, .in or .org.
The first answer you must have is, where must you create your blog?
There are many blogging platforms is there, and people have different opinions about each and every blog of them.
Most of the Bloggers start blogging on the WordPress platform or Blogger platform.
Blogger is popular because it’s easy to use and WordPress also.
Here is an interesting fact: 35% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress.
Once complete crossed the testing period, you’re ready for doing something more meaningful. Get a blogger blog or WordPress blog, and don’t confuse yourself with and
Blogger Hosted by Google so no installation issues. may be a freemium blog service that mixes the free WordPress blogging platform and premium hosting in one package.
How to start a blog in india
Free = $0 for life
Includes a subdomain, basic design customization, and 3GB Storage to get you started.
Personal = $2.99 per month, $36 billed yearly
Includes a free custom domain name, 6GB Storage, and removes all advertising.
Premium = $8.25 per month, $99 billed yearly
Includes advanced design tools, CSS editing, 13GB Storage for audio and video, plus the choice to monetize your site with ads.
Business = $24.92 per month, $299 billed yearly
Includes SEO Tools, Google Analytics support, Unlimited Storage, plus the option to install third-party themes and plugins, and remove the branding.

Step 3: What your blog is Niche? (About)
The very very first thing you wish to try to do is to find the niche of your blog. By niche, I mean finding a topic that your blog goes to be about Or search on google blog niche ideas.

I hope you don’t plane about your blog about every random thing and make money. This doesn’t work in 2020 and your chances of success are better when you blog on a single topic.

You might be a jack of all trades, and need to start out a blog on multiple topics, but it’ll not be fruitful, as people like this topic and subscribe a blog, which is an authority on a selected topic.

Moreover, Google which is that the biggest search engine prefers a web site that’s built on one single topic. For example, Blogandtricks topic is “blogging and tricks” related which is how you found us.

Now, the big question is

how to find the topic of your blog?

Here are some tips which will help to get started:

Find a topic that you just know better than anyone else. It doesn’t have to be the job you are doing, and it could be anything. Try to think about your topic that you simply most prefer to talk about, and you’ll comfortably talk about it for hours.
The good idea is to select a topic that you simply usually know about that. The topic which you read about all the time is some things that interest you.
Also, confirm you’ve got a keen interest during a particular topic, and you’ll add values together with your own insight.
For newbies, I always recommend to require the help of pen-paper and write down the topics in several columns that you simply like. For example:- Motivation, Fashion, Technology, Finance, Photography, Scientific research, Babycare, health care and so on. Now, try and write 5 post ideas for those different columns. When you are writing the post title, think about what you’ll write without taking reference. By the end of the 5th article, it will help you to find the topic (Niche) that you like the most.
This is a critical step before starting a blog because it will help you to choose a new topic that you simply are most strongly passionate about that topic.

This will make sure that you’ll not give out when your blog goes live.

If you’re picking a topic that you simply like talk about and write on, it’ll make sure that your give out period will never come. So, I assume you’ve got selected the niche for your blog which may make some money for you.

Conclusion- Selecting the suitable niche is that the first and therefore the important step for starting a brand new blog.

Design of your blog
Blogging platform? *Done*

Blog niche? *Done*

Domain name? *Done*

“The first impression is that the last impression”, that’s the Lines we follow for our blog.

Blog design is that the important aspect of your blog because a decent design will make sure that your visitors will love your blog. In fact, that’s how your readers will remember your blog. Imagine your blog design as you with some good outfit.

In Blogger, there is a concept called “Blogger templates”(themes). These are ready-made designs that are available for every type of blogs.

There are many Free and premium Blogger templates(themes) out there. I always recommend to use that kind of theme suitable to your blog and makeover, you will have a quality design for your blog.

Here I am given you some link of blogger templets(themes) to use templets which I would recommend you to start with this templets.

You need to download templets(themes), and skin to make it suitable for you.
You can pick from the ready-made template and your blog design will be ready within several minutes.
Read: How to upload templets in blogger

How to plan your blog content

Plan your content

Before you start writing your first blog post in your blogger, you should make a content plan.

You can use a Trello board. This is a free Trello content planning board that you simply could use.

Content planning board
This Trello board also comes with a checklist help you write the proper article. Click on more on the right sidebar and click on the copy board.

In the article ideas, write down all your content that you simply could write down
. You can also create an outline of the content if you like.

It’s a good idea to do this in one sitting and next time you can start writing your content (one at a time).

How to start a blog writing

The real fun begins now, writing your first post.

I shall share some tips the articles link below to get you started, but here are little tips which can make sure you don’t make mistakes new bloggers usually make:

When you are writing your content, imagine there’s a person sitting next to you, and you’re talking to the person. Write within the first-person tone, because there’s one that is reading your blog. as an example, you’re reading this blog post alone. that’s why you may notice, my tone is “I” and “You”.
Your content should cover all the aspects of the topic you’re writing about. be happy to write down 1200+ words.
Do not copy images from Google or the other sources. Rather use these sites to download free to use images.
You can also embed videos from YouTube. this can be a tutorial on how to embed videos on your blog.
If you wanna skip the overall crowd and level up your blogging game, then read my guide SEO copywriting. this may ensure whatever you’ll write will assist you to drive great traffic from search engines.

These are some of the important pages, which you should have on your blog.

About page: Contains detail about your blog, and you.
Contact page: A page with a contact form. You can use free contact form 7 or Jetpack contact form feature to create a contact form on WordPress.
Media kit page: You don’t need it now, but you should know about it. This page is where you will write about your blog traffic and available advertising options.

Now, the next step is to driving traffic.

Follow the steps mentioned here and that will help your blog to be visible in Google search.

Now, there are many techniques that you can use to get traffic to your newly created blog.

Getting social
Once you’ve got established your blog, make your blog social so your readers can join your community.

You just no need to stress, because I’m here to guide you with the resources.

To get social with your blog, Create this account Facebook page, Instagram account, a Twitter account.
Now, Make money from blogging in easy steps:-

How to make money form blogging

Make money blogging

There are some ways by which your blog can earn passive income for you.

How to start a blog and make money

Here are some of the most popular ways:

Google AdSense
info links
Affiliate marketing
Amazon affiliate program
Direct ad sales
Own digital products like eBooks, Online course
I am covering all these aspects of blogging money in this exclusive article: Make money from blogger

What Else you need to reach the next level of Blogging:

Learn seo to drive free traffic

Learn SEO to drive free traffic

SEO means search engine optimization. This is an advanced topic and it’s hard to complete it in a single article. Many bloggers try not to concentrate on search engine optimization, and This is a big mistake.

SEO helps you to drive targeted traffic from organic search, which successively makes extra money for you. There are three parts of SEO(search engine optimization):

On-page SEO: Your content quality, Keyword placement, etc.
On-Site SEO: Crawling, indexing of your website.
Off-Site SEO: Get do-follow backlinks from other sites.
Evolution of SEO, I also like to add two more here:

Social signals: Social media plays a good role in improving your blog ranking. Google plus is proven to be the most effective social networking site to boost ranking.
User experience: New search engine optimization is all about giving a good user experience. Some of the key aspects of good user experience: Navigation, site loading, website design, readability so on.

If you’ve got done everything as mentioned above, you’ll start getting organic and traffic from social media sites. Now, here I’m sharing a number of the chosen posts to assist you drive more traffic to your website.

One difference between the normal blog and a good blog is the detailing.

An A-list blogger usually takes of every small detail about to ensure that users subscribe to his blog, they like to be a part of this blog. This can be what we call turning one time visitors into readers. below some of the advance and less talked techniques.this techniques to take your blog to the new level:-

Get more blog readers and keep them
No one is read your blog and how can make them read
In the world of blogging, we always wish that there was someone who can guide to how to start a blog of your own.

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