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5 SEO Techniques that You Should Avoid for blogger


5 SEO Techniques That You Should Avoid For Blogger

SEO, search engine optimization is very much responsible for driving your blog traffic you have to be very careful about the selection of SEO tricks.

SEO is nothing but an optimization, which helps your blog to appear or index in search engine results more efficiently.

This optimization may be either Black hat SEO or White hat SEO, there is no problem with White hat SEO but you have to ensure that the SEO techniques that you are going to apply on the blog should be white hat, no black hat otherwise your blog would get hit by Google Penguin, and your blog have minimum chance to recover.

So the points are given below help you in predicting whether a particular SEO technique is good for your blog health or not?

Table Content:-

  1. Keyword stuffing
  2. Hidden text and links
  3. Article spinning
  4. Link farming
  5. Duplicate content

How To Apply Correct SEO To Blog

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword researching becomes quite popular nowadays as it drives the targeted audience toward your blog.

Different search engines recommend different keyword density in the blog but normally 2-5% may be acceptable, instead of the fact that it provides clear meaning to sentences because search engines are not human they have some procedure, called algorithm, therefore ensure that the keyword density should be within this limit.

2. Hidden Text And Links

Previously this technique was very popular, most people find targeted keywords and add them to the article by minimizing the text of keyword in such a way that it’s discovered only by the search engine, not by readers.

This type of technique is not alive today, Google Penguin is very interested to get hit by that blog and dropped back their ranking results.

So it is advisable not to use important tags like h1,h2 by reducing their size much, your blog can be easily caught by writing small JavaScript code.

This principle is also applied to hyperlinks (links), which means the links on the blog should be easily discovered by readers also.

3. Article spinning

This too lazy technique used in SEO this involves grabbing content from a high-ranking page (on someone else’s site), making a few changes, and using it as your own.

The worst offenders simply have a bot do the work, and also the results, while keyword-packed, are often laughably unreadable.

Whether it’s done manually or using an automatic approach, the goal is to change your content simply enough to trick the search engines’ duplicate content check.

Recent changes to search engines’ algorithms have made this ploy very easy to detect.

4. Link Farming

It is a group of websites whose content is nothing but lots of links that hyperlink to another website, in order to increase its search engine ranking.

This technique is completely black hat SEO and you have to completely avoid it.

Google has been become smarter to catch this type of website that uses link farming to increase its page rank and popularity.

Back in the day, this method was very popular but nowadays it’s completely forbidden.

5. Duplicate Content

If you are copying hundreds of articles from different blogs are publishing them to your own blog then obviously you are making a great mistake.

Google will never display your blog in the search results and it is very conscious about duplicate content so always try to write your own article.

This article must be 100% unique article.
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