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Best Tricks Send Large Files In Whatsapp


Best Tricks Send Large Files In Whatsapp

How to send large file in Whatsapp

Hello friends, my name is jayesh you all know in my blog and tricks blog, you all know whatsapp has a limit hard to send video and audio, more than 16 MB you do not send any file.

so how to send large audio files on Whatsapp. In these tricks I am showing in this article.

Today I talk about such a tool I’m going to send large files through whatsapp up to 1GB, whether it’s a video clip or a movie, either you’ve created a medley of songs or a PDF file that measures up to 1GB.

You can send your friend to your partner Anyone can share to any one of the people. without waste of time now we started this amazing trick.

Let’s start

First of all, you have to go to the play store and search their whats tools share file via im. tap the icon


whats tool

After installation, open the app then swipe left. Click on the Started button.

WhatsTools: Share File Via IM

Next, you have to click on sign in. now The select email ID you have to log in, you have to login through your Google’s Gmail.

WhatsTools: Share File Via IM

after login, the screen showing you the contacting server, wait the few seconds then you have a tap on sent tab, and click on the attachment button below. when you click like this button so many options are going to open such as image music video file document a PDF file etc…

So select the file Image, music, video that is any kind of file you have to send select it. Now I give an example in front of you.

I am select a file and click one video file to try to send on WhatsApp the size of a video which is more than 25.00 MB file.

I clicked on it, now see it the size of video 28 .88 MB. make sure you don’t tick the add to public box if you tick this please untick.

WhatsTools: Share File Via IM

because of a tick, your file will go to whats tool server.

show it a public view and any person see this file.

So make sure you untick this box. Click the share button when you clicked the share button file upload your personal google drive.

after clicked share button you have to see Whatsapp sharing click on it.

Now send it to whomever you want to send.

When your friend clicks on the link.

this link opens it on whichever browser it has. then your browser opens a page click the download button.

Now you see your download started within 10 seconds your downloading will be started.

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