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Easily Boost Blog Traffic By Changing Heading Tags In Html Of Post Title


Easily Boost Blog Traffic By Changing Heading Tags In Html Of Post Title

How many heading tags in Html

Many bloggers have this question of how many heading tags are available in HTML.

There are six different HTML header tags available in HTML.

  • heading 1
  • heading 2
  • heading 3
  • heading 4
  • heading 5
  • heading 6

The tags are wont to define HTML headings.

defines the foremost important heading.

defines the smallest amount of important heading.

The template provided by the blogger is encoded in XML 1.0 strict language whose functionality depends very much on the namespace, that reference into the template by URI, that’s why users have very limited options to modify the variables and different type of functions.

Many bloggers afraid much to go inside the template hence they missed out on an important SEO part of the template.

The default template provided officially are not SEO friendly you have to do it manually.

The use of head tag in HTML is important to identify your blog title.

First of all the basic change that your template wants very much is relates to the blog title.

The officially released template uses the tag to display post title so it is necessary to change

<H3> tag to <H1> tag with the reason that it will improve the search visibility of your content.

How To Change h3 To h1 Tag In Post Title

All the steps are very simple just go to Blogger / Template / Edit HTML / Proceed and click Expand widget template, now search for the following piece of code in the blogger template.

<h3 class=’post-title entry-title’>
<h3 class=’post-title entry-title’ itemprop=’name’>

If find then change h3 to h1 keep one point in mind that the corresponding closing tag should also be changed means after changing <h3 class=’post-title entry-title’> to <h1 class=’post-title entry-title’> change corresponding </h3>

to </h1> see the picture below.


If you find <h3 class=’post-title entry-title’> code in more than one position then you can also change that.

Finally, click the save button ensuring that you have done it correctly.

Now your post title is more header tags SEO friendly than before, you have the following point to consider after that.

  1. You don’t use excessive keywords in the post title.
  2. Avoid lengthy post title.
  3. You won’t use tag anymore in between the blog post because it will disobey the webmaster guidelines but you are free to use h2, h3,h4,h5, and h6 tag in the blog post.

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