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How to write SEO friendly blog posts

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How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts | How to Create SEO Friendly Content


What is SEO

SEO full form Search Engine Optimization. Refers to techniques that help your website rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP). 

This makes your website more visible to those who are searching for solutions that can provide your brand, product, or service through search engines such as Google, Yahoo !, and Bing.

Being highly rated on Google is one of the best things that can happen to any business you do online. Your article on the first page means a lot to anything you’re involved with.

Seo content strategy that stands out is creating SEO friendly blog posts. Seo friendly meaning that you will have taken advantage of the number of people who visit your website and that Google’s search engine will rank you high in your search results.

When we search for articles on the internet and organically rank a website without using Google Adwords. This is an SEO article example.

How to rank blogger on google

In this article, join us as we guide you through a systematic process in creating SEO friendly content. 

How to Create SEO Friendly Content Some of seo content writing tips are as follows:

  • Know what your readers need and give it to them
  • Research your audience
  • Write articles full of value
  • Do rigorous keyword research
  • Work on adding images to your content

How to know what your readers are looking for

A rule is common in SEO blogs. You need to give your audience high quality content. Start with your home page, for example.

If the home page has amazing content, then your audience will feel welcome to read other content on your website. So how do you ensure that your reader gets high-quality content?

Be sure to offer useful content

If you’re the person who takes the least time to put together a blog post, it’s a useful skill. However, it reflects the poor quality and little value to readers.

An OrbitMedia survey tries to justify the gradual increase in time spent writing a blog post.

According to the numbers they say, it took 3 hours and 15 minutes to write an article in 2019, when it took 2 hours and 20 minutes for the same article in 2015.

The OrbitMedia survey reveals that 13 percent of bloggers spend more than 6 hours to Address a standard blog post.

Checking effectiveness reveals that those who spent more time on their articles offer better results than those who spent less time.

Make sure the content is original

The question is, “How often does one conduct actual research?” Most Internet users would like to read content that they need not read elsewhere. 

You should start creating your content, giving it a unique perspective that interests your target audience. 

If you are not good at online research, you should consider content creation pages to help you generate new and original content.

Research your audience

You need to know the reader of your content. Do this by discovering your needs and interests. 

Some of the ways to understand the needs and interests of the audience include listening on social media, web analytics, and keyword research.

You can also do database research, track customer dashboards and forums, as well as audience analytics powered by artificial intelligence.

Once you know how to use all of this, it should be easy to create content that resonates with the needs and interests of the audience.

Write articles full of value

The need for more detailed explanations of problems continues to increase every day. The most recommended length for SEO compliant blog articles is approximately 1,100 words. 

This does not guarantee that you write fluff. Each paragraph and line should contribute to the main point of your article.

In addition, you must give readers important advice and value. A good article out of over 1000 should deliver strong search engine results. This does not end here.

When you get used to more than 1,000, why not switch to longer format content and offer even better value to readers?

Keyword research

This is the master shot in search engine optimization. Keywords are words that Internet users frequently search for. To find these words, here are some things you can do.

  • Ask google use the untapped long-tail keyword research method
  • Use this tool Buzzsumo to find the most popular content
  • Use UberSuggest

Keyword research tool UberSuggest

Renowned digital marketer Neil Patel developed UberSuggest. This keyword research tool offers useful analytics at no cost. 

The analytical result you can expect includes

  • Keywords
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Keyword search volume
  • SEO difficulty
  • Difficulty paid
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Content ideas
  • Site audit

Add images to your content

Most readers will focus on visual content such as images, videos, screenshots, and infographics.

Visual content is in the content group that attracts the most traffic to your website. Some readers find more value in visual content. 

Invest in visual content and supplement your textual content to improve your content marketing and Experience a better return on investment.

There are interesting statistics that can support this in the following way:

  • First of all, when a person hears something, they remember about 10 percent of that three days later. When this person sees an image, they remember 65 percent of it. The bottom line is that images like infographics summarize important information or break down complex content that is difficult to understand.
  • Another statistic is that content marketers increasingly add visual content to their textual content. The OrbitMedia survey reveals that 54 percent of bloggers used more than one image in their article, while 19 percent used videos.

Visual content adds more appeal to your content. Remember that you also need to optimize your images. Below are some of the ways to optimize your images:

  • Do a keyword search
  • Rename the image file to something descriptive
  • Use ALT attribute tags
  • Image placement
  • Image size and page load speed

How to add keywords in blogger

This is simple you have to research keywords and add them to your content. You have added keywords in your content like this is a part of your article. because SEO plugin for bloggers is not created.

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