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In Google Adsense Make Your SignUp Process is Easy


Make Your SignUp Process Easy In Google Adsense

Google Adsense, the most popular service offered by Google to monetize the blog or website monetize means google adsense earnings.

It means google adsense earnings Advertisers always prefer Adsense to promote their brands or product due to its security and better service offered.

Google Adsense sign up process difficult for a publisher to prevent advertisers’ brands from fraud clicks or spamming therefore if you want to approve your account from Adsense as a publisher then you have to understand the needs that Adsense wants from your blog or site.

The most common message that blog owners received very frequently from Google Adsense is Page Type.

When you submit a signup application to Adsense then after checking your application they can send you an email saying that your blog can’t be a part of Google AdSense due to page type error if your blog doesn’t follow Google Adsense Terms and Conditions.

So what is actually the page type error? This is the most common question that many people asked on different forums or blogs.

Only the Adsense engineers know best about its algorithm but we are sharing some useful techniques through which you can make your sign up easy and can be an owner of an approved Google Adsense account.

Adsense approval trick

Need Of Top Level Domain

If you seriously want an Adsense account then think to buy a custom domain.

Google Adsense hardly accepts blogs on free domain or subdomain like

Suppose if you have a brand and want to promote that then, of course, you won’t promote that on subdomain blogs because the readership is not loyal to such types of blogs that’s why we recommend buying a custom domain.

There is chances of 80% or more than your blog will be accepted by Google Adsense if your blog is on a custom domain.

Content Is King

Never forget this quote, always write genuine or quality articles that are directly pointed to the niche of your blog.

All the article on the blog should be so written that it follows the Google Adsense terms and conditions.

The following points should be kept in mind while your planning to write an article.

  1. Always add a Nofollow attribute in anchor tag when you are going to link any spamming or hacking related blog.
  2. The number of words on your blog should not be very less it should be in the range of 250-2000 words.
  3. Don’t force our readers to click on an ad.
  4. Never use those images which are created by different blogs because every image on the internet is automatically copyright so always create fresh images and use it further on your blog.

Make Some Static Pages

If you are a blogger user then blogger gives the facility to make 20 stand-alone pages, use this option and create the maximum number of pages on your blog.

Always write About us, Contact us or Privacy policy page on your blog. Privacy policy page is the most important page on a blog.

Google Adsense demand particularly for this page which describes cleanly what type of information Adsense ad will retrieve from the reader’s computer, you can read more about this from here.

Check your Template Designing

The template you used on your blog should be properly customized means there is no designing mistake that should be done on your template.

If you are really expert in making a blogger template then it is good otherwise download or buy any premium template.

Think about all this point before submitting your application to Adsense.

  1. The size of your blog homepage.
  2. Ensure that your menu bar is properly customized or there is no designing mistake done.
  3. Credits and privacy policy information should be on the footer section.
  4. Remove any overflow elements from the template.
  5. Add sharing or subscription widget to blog.

Finally, I want to say that by all these options you can easily get an Adsense account. You can make money online with google.


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