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Why Your Blog Still Makes No Money


Why Your Blog Still Makes No Money

Many bloggers start their blogging carrier with a hope that they will make impressive money one day but after making much effort they are unable to make money from the blog.

If you fall into this category then the points described below may be useful to make money from your blog.

So if you follow these steps then surely you will make money from your blog soon.

Your Content Sucks

It is the first and major point that is surely responsible to make money from a blog. You can’t make impressive money without having genuine or quality articles that are strictly related to your blog keywords.

The visitors reached on a blog mostly come from search engines that’s why you have to make your content as such that it also like by search engines.

So before going thinking about money first concentrate on the quality of your blog content.

Not Sufficient Blog Traffic

Money making by blog may be easy or tricky depending upon the volume and type of visitors attracted towards your blog.

If your blog daily received 50-100 unique visitors then your blog is ready to make some pound otherwise you have to work hard to increase traffic by adopting the following SEO strategies and techniques to your blog.

Blog Reputation Is Poor

This is also the common factor that gives another negative point to your blog.

Alexa rank and Google page rank are the factors that decide the reputation of a particular blog so you have to think to improve your Alexa rank and to increase page rank.

Improper Placements Of Ads

The Ads on your blog should be exactly matched with your blog theme and they are placed in such a position that they give maximum CTR to you.

The best practice for selection of Ad positioning is to keep testing different types of Ad units on the different types of positions and finally select those ad units and positions which gives maximum earning to you.

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