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4 Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks for blogs


Backlinks for blogs play an important role in your blogging success.

You have to be very Conscious about quality backlinks for your blog as it is directly proportionate to your blog traffic.

It is one of the factors that decide the positioning of a blog in the search results.

Google, the well-known search engine, predicts the quality backlinks for blogs to decide its ranking that’s why there is always a need to create backlinks for blogs.

There are some methods given below that helps you to create backlinks for blogs.

How to create high quality backlinks for blogs

Blog commenting

This method is somehow easy than other methods as you have to just make comments on other blogs with your blog URL.

Once your comment approved you get a backlink from that blog, the quality of this backlink will depend on the page rank of that blog, if the page rank of that blog is high then, of course, the quality will high.

Now you have to need to find out some high PR blogs and make comments on them, we have a list of high PR blogs.

The backlink are of two type one is dofollow and another is nofollow, the above post will explain you everything about it.

You have never to worry about dofollow or nofollow, if you get a backlink from dofollow backlinks for blogs then it is best, otherwise, there is no problem with nofollow blog as Google considers both of these backlinks for blogs while predicting your blog PageRank.

Guest Post

By making a guest post you can easily build up a very high quality backlink. There is only a need to find out high PR blogs that accept guest posts.

If the popularity of that blog is high, you will also get a huge amount of traffic because such blogs have a large number of loyal readers.

The guest post that you are going to submit to blog admin should be greater than 500 words or if your blog post is greater than 1000 words, chances will high that your guest post will be accepted.

And keyword density should be moderate around 3-6% and the niche of the article should be so chosen that it gives better traffic results to admin.

The following point should be remembered before writing a blog post.
It should have fewer grammatical errors.
It should contain targeted keywords with a 3-6% density.
Attach your pick of 125*125px size with small information about yourself to the blog posts.
Always provide a strong reason to publish your blog post.
Provide images and videos in post wherever necessary.

Participate In Online Form

Online forms are useful to build up backlinks for blogs.

First of all, create a free account in it and participate in any group and start answering to some previously discussed question, try to be active on these form once you become an active member you can place your blog URL as a signature.

Select three to five high quality blogs and get a free backlink from that.

Social Media

In order to get a backlink, you can also use social media as the page rank of the social networking site is too high ( PR 10 or 9 ) and the article, which has greater social media exposure, has maximum chance to appear in the top result of search engines.

Whenever you publish a new article, log in to different types of social networking sites, and start sharing articles.

Bonus Tip:- Ubersuggest is Best backlink checker Tool

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