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Duplicate content checker your post or Article is 100% unique article or not


How can you check your blog content is a unique article or not?

Plagiarism Check:- How you people can know whether your Post / Article 100 ℅ is a unique article or not.

Whenever we write any blog post or article, we do not know that it is not copyrighted content, so I will tell you About Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools, you read this post in full.

If you also have a blog or a website, then you should definitely know that whatever article you are going to publish, that content is not duplicated.

How do you know whether your post is a 100% unique article or not?

You will find a lot of Plagiarism Check Tools on the Internet, but those tools do not provide the right information or you will have to pay to use those tools.

But the Plagiarism Checker Tool that I will tell today is absolutely free copyright check, you will get 100% results from it. Whether your article or post is unique or not.

How to know whether a post or article is a unique article:-

You will need a tool for this, and you have to pay to use these Plagiarism checking tools. And a lot of free tools are also available on the Internet,

But many of them also have tools that do not give you the right information, when you use them, they 1 tell your article 100% unique article.

I myself have seen this thing when I wrote an article, Copy / Paste was also done on it, then I put that article in the Small Seo tool, then it told me 100% unique article while the man kept copy/paste on it.

Today, I am going to tell you this tool today that gives the right information that is also free, by this, you will know that your duplicate content is not there.

If your article will be copyrighted, then you will also know that this blog or website has an article. So let’s now know about Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools.

Google Adsense Approval:-

If your article will be copyrighted, then you may face a lot of difficulties in taking Adsense Approval.

Many times it has been seen that people who do Article Copy / Paste do not get Adsense Approval.

If you also publish an article without checking the plagiarism, then whenever you create a Google Adsense account and apply for Adsense, then again and again Policy Valuation like Error comes.

For this, if you are doing Copy / Paste then you should check Plagiarism once.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tool:-

I will tell you about the Plagiarism Detector Tool as well as how you will use the Plagiarism Check Tool.

Plagiarism detector:-

The name of this Plagiarism Checker Tool is Plagiarism Detector using which you can find out in a few seconds whether your content is copyrighted or not.

This tool gives you the right information instantly.

When you use this tool, it takes only 1000 words in 1 time. Saying you can check only 1000 words in 1 time.

If your article is of more words, then you can check half by half in 2 times.

Unique content for a website
Click here- Plagiarism Detector This is Unique article checker Tools

How to use the Plagiarism Detector Tool:-

If you want to check Plagiarism then you should also come to use this Plagiarism Detector Tool.

By the way, it is very easy to use, you will not have any problem.

Nevertheless, I tell you what is the process of using the Plagiarism Detector Tool-

1- Plagiarism Detector

First of all, you have to open this tool, the man has given you the link above and you can go to this tool by clicking on it.

2- Copy Article

Now you have to copy your article/post which you have written, or which you want to check Plagiarism.

3- Paste Article

Now you have to come to the tool and you will see a box, on which you have to paste your article.


Note- This tool will check only 1000 words in 1 time, if your article is more than 1000 words, then you check it in 2 times, half – only then you can use it.

4- Check Plagiarism

Now you will get the option of a Check Plagiarism below, you have to click on it.


5 – Result

Now the results will come in front of you, saying that you will know that your article or blog post is 100% unique article or not.

If you have written an article by yourself, it will be a unique article.

But the people who copy/paste and then make a lot of changes in it, or if someone writes it is themselves but they write the whole article in the same way.

All those who do this need to check Plagiarism.

If you also do similar work, then once you definitely check the plagiarism of your article, when your article is 100℅ unique articles, then you should publish your article.


You people must have understood how you can check Plagiarism. And which bloggers need to check plagiarism. You must tell us in the comment about how you liked this Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tool.

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