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how to blogger backup and restore data


How to blogger backup and restore data

Blogger template is the backbone of your blog and it should be protected from unwanted customization. Seriously taking, you have to take a blogger backup of the template on a regular basis so that you can easily overcome any unwanted changes produced in the template. Or it should also be done just before editing the template because sometimes it becomes difficult to both beginner or expert user to save the template as they did unwanted changes in it so if you don’t have a blogger backup copy of the template, then you may difficulty to correct this problem and most of the time you have to switch back to another template.

You can also learn to add CSS code to the Blogger template from here.

So if you want away from these problems then think about blogger backup, it hardly takes two minutes nothing more than that.

How To blogger Backup Of Template:-

1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click and select your Blog.


3. Choose the Template option from the left menu bar.

4. Now click on blogger Backup, a button placed at the right top corner.


5. A new window will pop up, click Download Full template and save XML file in your local computer.

Now you’ve got a duplicate copy of your Blogger template which you have just save, you’ll restore it anytime. How?

How To Restore Template:-


1. Go to all the steps given above and finally click the Upload button, it will ask you to get the location of the saved XML file, provide the path of the file and click the Open button to upload a new template.


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