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How To Find Dofollow Blogs Easily


How To Find High Quality Dofollow Blogs Easily

Today it is very important to find high PR dofollow blogs and get high quality backlinks from them because it is an ethical way to get instant traffic and quality backlinks for the blog.


The more quality backlinks your blog has, the better is the chance to improve your Search Engine Result Page (SERP), which ultimately drives organic traffic to your blog.


That’s why more and more articles present on different blogs about dofollow blogs list which contain numerous dofollow blogs that you can easily select to comment and get quality backlinks.

If we talk about Alexa, the quality backlink is one of the factors that decide your Alexa rank which finally helps you to attract advertisers toward your blog.


Here we are sharing a trick through which you can easily find a complete list of all types of dofollow blogs whether it is comment-luv, .org, .edu, and others.

Find High Quality Dofollow Blogs

How To Find Dofollow Blogs

Previously, It was very difficult to find dofollow blogs but nowadays it is quite easy to find such blogs with the help of some online tools based on JavaScript and jQuery.

So this is the best way that saves you a lot of time, it shows all such blogs on the search page with the instant of time which was not possible as compared to manual methods.

It is a very prominent online tool by which we can easily find all dofollow commenting blogs.

It is free of cost and enables the user to find blogs based on a search query.

It is just like the above tool but is more accurate and we normally used this tool.

How To Find Dofollow Blogs by

First of all, Go to

You will find two option text boxes one is about Keyword and another one is about Find.

In the Keyword text box, type about the keyword of your niche that results in corresponding related blogs.

And from the Find option box, select blogs whose results you want to show up.

And finally, click the search button to find all these blogs.

Go to these blogs and publish such a comment that gives value to both the author and other readers and don’t spam!

How to Find High PR Blogs

Now you’ve got all the dofollow blogs in your hand but you’ve got to separate low quality blogs, which have low page rank.

Install PageRank or Page Rank Checker, the Firefox extension which displays the page rank of every blog in front of its title.
Now you have to just open blogs that have page rank 4 or greater than 4, and make suitable comments which ultimately gives you a high PR backlink.

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