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Multiple Meta Tags Description were found ” How to fix it?


Multiple Meta Tags Description were found ” How to fix it? 

Hello Friends, In this article blog and tricks solve your problem Multiple meta description tags when new bloggers come in the field of blogging, they face many types of problems. After crossing them, many people become successful in blogging and many give up. There is also a “Multiple Meta Tags Description were found on the page” problem which troubles many bloggers. So friends, in this topic today, we will know how to solve this problem i.e. how to fix multiple meta description tags in this post.

How to fix duplicate meta descriptions

How to fix multiple meta description tags in blogger.?

Friends, this problem of multiple meta tags comes, so understand that you have added two meta description tags in your blogger. Which reduces SEO. This is how the problem comes. So we have to remove a meta tag description so that this problem will be removed.

Multiple meta description tags on how to solve the problem?

How to remove a repeated meta description? Friends, the following tips will have to be followed to remove multiple meta description tags.

1. First of all, you should know where two meta description tags have been inserted in your blogger. The first meta description tag is then inserted in the description box in the basic settings section of your blogger’s settings.


The second meta description tag is inserted into the Html box of your theme.

2. To remove the problem of two multiple meta descriptions, you have to remove a tag, then you open the theme section of Blogger.


3. Now click on Edit Html. And then click any number in your theme box and press the ctrl + f key of your computer.

Remove this code

4. Then search in “Your Description Here” and press enter.

5. Now remove the code given below and then save the theme.

Friends, you have done your work, that is, you will never have multiple Meta Tags Description were found on the page ”Problem. Friends, if you like the post, do share it among your fellow bloggers so that their problem can also be resolved.

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