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What is the Google Question Hub | How to use Google Question Hub


What is the google Question Hub? 


Google Question Hub is an online web tool. which has been launched by google mainly for content writers or Say, Bloggers.

Now comes the reason why finally this Google Question Hub has been created? So I have already told you that it has been made for Bloggers. 

That is, those questions will be put in front of you bloggers. The answer to which question is not available on the Internet.

If you have searched any such query or any query on Google. 

The answer of which is not present on the Internet. In such a situation, Google never wants the answer to any such question is not available on Google.

So that’s why this Google Question Hub was launched. 

So Google searches Query through this Google Question Hub Platform to all those bloggers. 

Content Writers who are connected to this Google Question Hub.

This Google Question Hub works according to the mother tongue of India. Because according to Google’s survey, only Hindi language content and only 1% on the Internet so far. 

So according to this, you can appraise how important this Google Question Hub becomes for bloggers.

According to Google, in the last few years, there has been a sudden jump in Internet usage in India. So in this case, almost people search on Google. 

So they search only in their local language. In such a situation, Google wants the answers to all the queries of the people available on the Google search engine.

By the way, the Google Question Hub is not yet fully developed. That is, this portal is still running in the beta version. 

So far no more features have been added to it. But from time to time we are getting new features.

How does Google Question Hub work?

So, friends, we have received information about this Google Question Hub above. So now it comes to how does this questioning hub works? 

By the way, this life is as simple as that. If you already have some technical information, then you will be able to know about its system very easily.

So Google Question Hub is a very easy tool. Talk about the UI of this tool, its UI is very easy. 

According to Google, through this Google Question Hub, Content Writers and Bloggers will get information about all those questions. 

Whose answers are not yet available on the internet. In such a situation, you will also find it easy to rank your blog post.

If you have ever done some search on Google and information of that query will not be found. 

Then you will see a Feedback box on it. When anyone submits their question in this feedback box. 

So that question gets automatically added to the Google Question Hub.

Then Google divides these questions into different categories. Then add these questions with the related keywords of the query. 

Also through this hub, users can find answers category Wise for their Queries.

How to use Google Question Hub?

Using this Google Question Hub is very simple. For this, you just have to join this questioning hub. 

After this, you can answer the questions asked by people. By the way, not all people can answer all the questions.

Also, with the help of this Google Question Hub, you can also promote your Blog Post. 

By the way, when you answer someone’s question, at that time you can share the answer as well as the link to any post related to that query. 

Chances of getting traffic on your blog are also increased.

How to create a Google Question Hub Account?

First of all, let me tell you that it is not a difficult task to create a Google Question Hub account. 

That is, it is very inconsistent. But finally, why should you do this Google Question Hub Join? 

So if you are a Content Writer or Blogger, then you will join this hub only to answer any questions asked on Google.

So if you want to create an account in this Google Question Hub, then for this I have shared some steps below with you. 

All you have to do is follow the steps given below. And your Question Hub Account will be ready.

1. First of all, you have to go to Google and search by typing Google Question Hub.

2. Now you have to click on the first link.

3. Now you will see a new page. In this, you have to click on Sing Up Button.

4. Now Simply you have to login by Sing Up in this platform with your Gmail Account.

Benefits of Google Question Hub Tool!

So till now, we have known about many things about this question hub. 

So in such a situation, what is the benefit of using or using Question Hub Join? So anyway, if Google launches any tools, it must have some motive. 

So, bringing this tool to market for Publisher gives a different indication. So below I have shared information related to it.

1. Get New Content Ideas!

As you know, any new bloggers have a problem. That they do not get the idea to write new content. In this case, if you join this questioning hub. 

So you get new content ideas here. On which you can write your blog post.

2. Can Solve Users’ Queries?

As you may have known by now. That people add new questions in this questioning hub. 

Whose answers are not available on the Internet. So in this way, we get the questions asked by users from here. We can easily answer this by visiting this hub.

3. Get your Blog Post ranked!

Now it comes to how we can get our posts ranked with the help of this hub? So let me tell you when you are answering the question asked by some users. 

At that time, you can also ping the link in the article related to that query.

4. Content Quality Improvement!

As you will also know that according to Google’s latest Algorithm, Quality does not matter for Quantity for Ranking. So, if you do not add quality content to your post. 

So there may be some difficulty in getting your article rank. So by looking at the questions of this hub, you can share different experiences through people.

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