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Youtube Subscribe Button in Blogger


How to add Youtube Subscribe Button in Blogger

How to add Youtube Subscribe Button In  Blogger. If you use the YouTube channel, then all of you must read this post today. And If you do not use the YouTube channel, you must use it because Youtube is also a great tool to earn money and if you do not know how to earn money from Youtube then you will get it down Sector clicks on links through the article will read has said all the earnings from making the channel on Youtube These articles detail about Steps you should read all, of course, these articles.

Adding a Youtube subscribe now button youtube to a Blog increases the chances of subscribing to YouTube channels.

Adding a YouTube Subscription Button makes a good effect on Readers.

By looking at the YouTube Subscription Button, Readers also know about our channel, due to which our blog readers will also visit our channel.

What do you want to add Youtube Channel Subscribe Button to Blog?

You do not need much to add a YouTube channel to the blog. You just have to know the URL of your YouTube channel, if you do not know the URL of your YouTube, then no matter you can find the URL of your YouTube channel is.

Follow the given steps to find the URL of your YouTube channel:-

1. First open your YouTube account.

2. Now Click your account and click on the setting.


3. Now go to an advance setting.


3.Copy the URL that is now open

How to Add Youtube Channel Subscribe Button In Blogger?

Friends, if you want to add a YouTube channel subscribe button to your blog just like my blog, then you follow the steps given below.

1.First of all, Click Here to Add Youtube Button in Blog.

2.Now after the page opens, you have to fill some option.


(a) Channel Name or ID: – In it, you have to enter the URL of your Youtube Channel.

(b) Layout: – In this, you can choose the layout for your channel, if you do not want to choose, then no matter.

(c) Theme: – You must choose a theme for your channel, you can also leave Default.

(d) Subscriber Count: – In this, you can choose which one you choose to hide/shown.

3.Now, a code generated from your Youtube Channel has been generated.

4.Now you can log in to your Blogger blog.

5.Then click on the Layout option which is at the bottom left side.


6.Now click on “Add A Gadget”

7.Now you have to click HTML/JavaScript.

8.Paste your code in it.

9.Now click on Save.

Congratulations You have added the Youtube Subscribe Button for Blogger.

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