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Ahrefs webmaster tools account free

Ahrefs free account how to get Ahrefs for free

Ahrefs launched a  new free SEO tool for all that gives SEO and site diagnostic data. It’s called Ahrefs Webmaster Tools(AWT). I did a test drive of the tools and I must say that I am very impressed with the usefulness and the SEO data on and off the page. This tool is great many paid feature is given you to free.

In Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, inside the Ahrefs Webmaster Tools account you can audit your website or client website. You can check the backlink and also check the data related to the keyword.

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Ahrefs webmaster tool free

First of all, go to your Google, and search there Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, you will click on the first link Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, you come to this page.


There is a small button sign up for free click that button.


When You click on it you scroll down will come to this page.


You have an email id you can put in the box and tick ‘I accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy’ now you can click on it to sign up for free.


Here you can register with Google, Facebook, or else you can sign up by entering email ID, by clicking above sign up for free, you can check the Ahrefs mail in your inbox or spam folder.

Now go to your mail and confirm your email address


Now fill the form your name password give information on how do you find this webmaster tool


Now click continue.


Now you will have two options to register, Google Search Console or manually you will be given a code here, you will copy it and go to the bottom of the tag on your website and paste it if you have an account inside the Google search console. It becomes very easy

How to import your website

Where there is an import button, you have to click on it, after that you select your email ID from which you have registered Google search console, Google search console, select that email id, your website is asking for your permission.

Allow It

Enable crawl external link option

Now see your dashboard is ready🤩


You can audit your website data for free

You also check the backlink data keyword etc .. for free

How to crack ahrefs account

If you think you crack the ahrefs account it is not possible and it is illegal. if you want to use the tool so you can use ahrefs webmaster tools free account.

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