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Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tools to Increase Your Blog Traffic


Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tools to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to use Pinterest as a marketing tool


A tailwind is a great Pinterest Marketing Tools for Pinterest lovers. The recent BoardBooster tools are closed.

This is a fantastic automation tool. Several bloggers and Pinners have boosted Tailwind’s popularity in the Pinterest community.

There are some features of Tailwind Marketing Tools:-

Insights –

Tailwind analytics features help you track your pin performance of your campaigns and suggest the best times for you when scheduling your pins.

So you can begin to run smart campaigns without having to check when your audience is online or the kind of content they love.

Looping –

Tailwind is rolling out a new SmartLoop feature. Looping means that Tailwind will shuffle your pins so your old pins go to the bottom of a board so you can see fresh content on the top.

Looping lets you keep your followers engaged with fresh content without having any problem. Who wouldn’t want that?

Tailwind Tribes –

Tribes are communities of pinners, which are only available on Tailwind, where people can publish pins.

It’s similar to group boards, tribes require members to repin each other’s content.

Dormant members can be kicked out without warning. Ultimately, your pins are guaranteed free publicity.

Scheduling –

Tailwind lets you automate the publishing of new pins to your personal boards or group boards.

When you upload a picture from your computer or laptop, your website, or your Instagram page, so now you have proceeded to pick the date, time, and board to pin and Tailwind will do the rest.

In just 5 minutes, you can run a full week’s campaign and see the heavy traffic coming to your website.

Friendly interface –

Tailwind’s interface is very easy to use and they even offer great video tutorials to help you learn tailwind platforms.


Have you ever searched through Pinterest and wondered how Pinners develop such high-quality pictures? Are you tense that you might not match up to that quality level?

Canva is the Pinterest Marketing Tools. This is a solution for High-quality pictures. Its amazing features will transform you from a blogger to a perfect graphic designer.

This tool offers you millions of free illustrations, icons, vectors, photographs, and lots of shapes to help you create high-quality pins.

Otherwise, you can utilize your library of stock photos. You also use amazing photo filters and hundreds of fonts of canvas free.

If your graphic designing skills are not so good, You don’t have to worry about your bad designing skills because Canvas has a lot of design tutorials to fast-track your ability to create excellent designs for your Pinterest audience with the help of Pinterest marketing tools.

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Group boards are an easy way to boost your traffic. However, it can be difficult to find group boards that are relevant to your work.

Pingroupie helps you Increase your traffic by making it easy to find group boards.

You can clarify your search to the particular category, title, description, number of pins, followers (group members) of the group board, collaborators (pinners) of the group board you would like.

The great Pingroupie feature is the statistical data it provides to you. You want to join a group board with a big number of followers – it translates to higher traffic.

The ratio of pins to collaborators also helps you to judge whether the owner has limited the number of pins per day.

If you can find the perfect timing, a group that limits posting assurance that your pins will get higher visibility.

Pingroupie also provides you with the name of the group owner so that you can easily find them and request an invite to the group board.

Usually, the group owner develops as the first profile featured on the board’s homepage.

Some groups include the owner’s contact in the description so that you can easily email them to join the group.


It is one of the Pinterest tools that automate many Pinterest functions.

Automatically allow unfollow and follow, repin, post, and comment options.

It also allows you to filter and target audiences relevant to your content.


This is an in-built analytics tool for Pinterest. It is one of the best Pinterest tools.

This tool helps you to achieve your goal is to measure performance and grow your Pinterest account.

This tool provides insights into the present performance of your account and also helps you create a far better Pinterest profile.

It also provides exact detailed insights into how can people interact with your content and what types of pins perform great for you.

These are the 5 Best Pinterest Marketing Tools to Increase Your Blog or website Traffic easily.

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