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How to add social media share buttons to website


How to add social share button in WordPress and Blogger

Do you want to know How to add social media share buttons to website? If yes then you have read the right article on the right website.

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By applying Social Media Share Button in this post. if you want who likes our post will also share our post through that button.

This will bring a lot of traffic to your website and due to the higher social media share to our post on Google will also rank quickly.

Now let’s go to the topic of how to add a Social Share Button. I will guide you to step by step: –

How to add social media share buttons to blogger

First of all, I will guide you to apply Sharing Button for Blogger User because it will require some Coding and it will take some time, after that, I will tell you to apply Sharing Button for WordPress User as well.

Add social media share buttons to blogger every post?

  • First of all, go to Blogger Website and enter your Email Id and come to Dashboard. Click on Theme and open HTML Editor.
  • Click anywhere in the HTML code, and press Ctrl + F Button and search for.
  • Now copy the code I have given below.
    <Div Class='Addthis_toolbox Addthis_default_style '>  <A Class='Addthis_button_tweet'/>  <A Class='Addthis_button_google_plusone' G:plusone:size='Inline'/>  <A Class='Addthis_button_facebook_like' Fb:like:layout='Button_count'/>  <A Class='Addthis_button_facebook_send'/>  <A Class='Addthis_button_stumbleupon_badge'/>  </Div>  <Script Src='//S7.Addthis.Com/Js/300/Addthis_widget.Js' Type='Text/Javascript'/> 

Copy and paste the code under


Now Social Share Button has been installed in all the posts in your blogger, but it will show below your post and if you want to show it at the beginning of your post, then paste the code above gives.

After pasting the code, click on the Save Template button.

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Note – the HTML code of Blog has three to four places. If the code below one does not show the Social Share Button Show under Blog Post, then the code under the other. Apply the Template and save your Social Share Button Show.

How to add social media share buttons to WordPress posts?

We will use a Plugin to install Social Share Button on WordPress Website.

How to add social media share buttons in WordPress

To do this, first, go to your WordPress Dashboard.
Click on Select Plugin >> Add New Plugin.
Now install the AddToAny Plugin in the Search Bar and activate it.
Just now your work is done, social share button has been added to all your WordPress blog posts and you can also customize it according to your need.

Now you can understand how to add social media share buttons to website enjoy.

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