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How to promote your blog free to increase your website traffic


How to promote your blog free

Promote your blog is free? so the answer is Yes. If your want to know how? Read this post.

Hello Bloggers, if you are new to blogging and you don’t know that How to increase traffic promoting your blog on social media is free, then keep reading this post in its entirety because with Free Blog Promotion you can bring good quality traffic to your website or blog. How to increase traffic to the new blog?

Writing a good quality article will get you organic traffic, but if you don’t promote your site, the article on that website won’t reach people who are active on social media, so promoting for free isn’t bad. Know in the detail What is a blog promotion?

What is blog promotion?

When our website is new, people don’t know about our blog, so we share our article to reach millions of people, which is called free blog promotion.

Step by step guide on how to do a free blog promotion
We can promote our blog or written posts on our blog for free which also gives us a decent amount of traffic and gradually our website starts to rank organically due to the signal from social media to make our blog popular.

If you want, you can promote your website or blog with money, but here we are learning about how to do free blog promotion, then the money method will not be told here, even if you want to know that money generator What are the methods? , let me tell you, you can do a paid promotion with Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

To promote the free blog, you have to adopt all the methods mentioned below as they are tested and verified.

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How to increase traffic promoting your blog for free

Where to promote your blog for free

  1. Quora
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Guest Posting
  5. Comment on blog

Free ways to promote your blog

How to promote your blog on Quora?

Quora is a very good free platform where you can ask your question as well as answer the question that others ask you so that people also know your blog and the Free Promotion through Quora will also happen.

To answer the question about Quora, never give half of the incomplete information and also provide a link to your blog, you must reply on Quora through the article, this will not block Quora and at the same time give your website a name . in response so that the audience can reach your blog.

If you continue to share your article without understanding Quora policy and continue to provide links, Quora will block your site and in the future, you will not be able to promote your blog, then promote your website without giving a link carefully.

If you don’t know what Quora is and how to drive traffic from Quora for free and how to create a profile, then we have written an article about it, which you can read.

Share your blog post on Facebook

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone and uses Facebook on their mobile phone and the number of Facebook users is increasing day by day, so you have to do all your blog posts on Facebook or run your Facebook profile. . But you must share, this will give you an instant traffic boost.

If I agree then you should create a Facebook page related to your blog’s niche and share your article because people related to your blog’s niche will be connected on that page, which will give you traffic by pressing and your blog will be automatically promoted.

Please note one thing every time you share your article on Facebook, do not share an article link more than once; otherwise, Facebook will block your website and you will not be able to share your posts on Facebook again.

Promote your blog on Twitter

Twitter is a huge platform that many mature people participate in, but if you want to promote your blog, you must increase your followers on Twitter and the followers will only grow when you share your article on Twitter.

To increase Twitter followers, you must also follow people and share your articles with people who use Twitter, people who have an interest in your articles will follow you.

Submit a guest posting to the relatable niche website from your blog

If you want to promote your blog properly, you need to search for a blog that is related to your blog niche, after searching such website, you need to submit a guest post on this website so that about your blog, the website audience also you will be known and you will also get a high-quality backlink for free.

This will increase traffic to your blog and the promotion will be automatic after a little hard work.

Comment on the blog of others

You should comment on such a high authority blog or website that is related to your topic because when you go and comment on its post, then another audience comes to comment there as well and if they like your comment then it will be on your website. It can also be contacted because some websites also ask for the website URL during the comment.

If you write well on your website, other people can send you guest posts too, so that you will get the article for free and at the same time, many more people will keep visiting your website.

Blog promotion on YouTube

If you are blogging on a blog, then you have to promote your blog through the YouTube channel, for which you will have to create a YouTube channel related to your blog website.

You can also promote your blog through social media through your YouTube videos.

How to promote your blog for free online

Now you have to clear all the doubt about the promoting your blog online

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