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youtube to drive traffic your website


How to drive traffic to a website or blog

Youtube to drive traffic to your blog and earning money from it is no more a difficult task with so many internet marketing platforms that can be used to drive traffic to the blog and earn more readers.

Though most of the bloggers use the common SEO techniques for promoting their blog, there are several other easy ways in which you can direct traffic to your blog.

If you wish to try something exciting, you can use YouTube as a website for marketing your blog.

Driving traffic from YouTube is really easy and can be done easily by adopting some SEO techniques in the process.

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YouTube is popularly known for uploading and sharing videos where you can create your own profile and upload high quality, informative videos related to your blog.

The final video should be appealing and engaging and should narrate your message to the audience so that they visit your blog to seek more information.

If you have selected this platform for promoting your blog, here are some awesome ways in which you can drive traffic from YouTube to your blog.

Way To Drive Traffic From YouTube To Your Blog

  1. Create a YouTube Profile: the first and the most important thing in the process is to create a channel for uploading the videos on the website. Creating a profile in accordance with your blog will help you to a great deal in uploading the videos and promoting them among the potential
  2. Upload Blog relevant videos: another important thing is to create impressive videos related to
    your blog. The videos should be in accordance with the content discussed on the blog so that the
    readers can easily be directed to the blog.
  3. Use of keywords and transcriptions: use of keywords and transcription is a great thing for SEO
    and can help you in boosting your search engine rankings and appear on the first position of the
    search engine page when a search with a related keyword is done. So, try to identify the
    commonly used keywords related to your blog and add them to the video description. This will
    also help people in reaching your post easily and sharing it on other platforms, which in turn
    enhances its visibility.
  4. Link the video with the blog: Place the URL of your blog at the end of the description for an
    appropriate closing. Placing the blog URL will direct traffic from YouTube to your blog
  5. Allow commenting, sharing, and embedding: a good number of positive comments on the video
    indicate that it is really useful and can catch the attention of visitors. The sharing option enables
    the visitors to share the video among different communities and platforms thereby enhancing its
    visibility as well as blog traffic.
  6. Keep updating the videos: in order to gain more traffic, you need to keep updating more relevant
    videos so that the interested visitors can get more info.

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The above-discussed tips are really helpful in driving more traffic from YouTube towards your blog. Using the several options available to you wisely will help you to a great deal in getting enormous traffic to your blog.

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