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Object not found error 404 for all pages except homepage


WordPress Object not found error 404 for all pages except home how to solve?

Hello friends My name is Jayesh and in this article, I am going to tell you.

Object not found error 404 come except Homepage

The website home page is working fine but if I click on any post link.

it will show you an object not found or if I click on any page in the menu it will also not open.


If you come to the dashboard you can see that all these pages existed.

In the admin dashboard but none of them are working here.


This is a most common problem and at least everyone got this error at least once.

But nobody understands how to fix this Object not found error 404

it’s how come you can .htaccess the home page and not any other page.

The main reason for this error comes to the WordPress website folder and When we come to the root folder. You can see that there is no .htaccess file that tells WordPress to manage or redirect the proper URL.

Login to WordPress admin dashboard

Now we come to the admin dashboard again and come to the settings permalinks ok now.

Stay on the permalink page and come to WordPress and look for the permalink structure.

when you hover any page and you can see the link here which says our website / your page name.

That means that page the page name is using this Slug the URL is using this Slug.

So I already selected the date and time structure.

Now to fix this error just

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Do changes in your permalinks

Go to settings = permalinks and click on the plane and save leave every other thing as it is.

Saved changes now you’ll see if you refresh the home page you see that all pages are working.

But the Slug will be the page ID or post id which is not looking very good or even not good for SEO.

When yo do that it’s working now but if you look at the Slug.

You will see that it have a page ID ***number.

But the page is working fine so we need to change this URL back to your old permalink whatever you selected before this error came.

Go to dashboard setting = permalink and Change the permalink which is suitable to you. I changed from plane to Day and name or you can set it to post name both are fine.

But Day and name are better for post the pages will automatically use the post name for Day and name also ok.

Click on the Save changes button and come to the home page again.

You will see that all the links are now normal again and every link is using the Slug all pages use the slug. Everything is using the Slug if you click on any of the pages in the menu you will see that it’s now redirecting to the Slug and it’s opening normally.


The reason was that the .htaccess file was missing but when you change the permalink from plane to day and name again it will create automatically in the .htaccess file in your root folder.

You can see that your root folder so that was the main problem for this error and now solve please.

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Let us know in the comment if you have any problem that is not worry then we will do it for you.

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  1. I faced this problem in wordpress and it solved by .httaccess file. Currently working on html (no cms) site and facing this problem. How can I solve this problem? My site is typing Practice.

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