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Instagram Marketing Is Important Content Marketing Tool

instagram marketing is important content marketing tool

Instagram marketing is now one of the best marketing tools in the whole world.

Instagram mobile app launch 6 October 2010.

Now has grown to become one of the biggest social networking platforms.

with over 1.386 billion active users, this social media platform no one content marketer ignores.

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform for content marketers.

Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping $1 billion and the Instagram app integrates perfectly with Facebook.

As the app also integrates as well with other social media sites like Twitter & Pininster, effective content marketing on Instagram.

Has the potential of improving social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Also, the growth of Instagram shows that people want more visual content than textual content.

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Instagram Marketing Tool

Recently Visual marketing strategy is becoming increasingly popular.

People like the read textual content and do not have the time to waste reading.

The contents or not have the patience to read textual content on Instagram.

They prefer attractive and evocative pictures.

Why spend a lot of time writing an article or describing a product.

When you can get the messages across with the help of awesome pictures on Instagram.

Instagram also allows content creators to manipulate pictures without the help of advanced software and graphic designers.

Without having to know any kind of programming languages knowledge.

Users of Instagram can click pictures and make them look like 90s Camcorder, Retro Cam, Vintage Vibes, GrainA4, etc. images by adding filters to images.

With a few clicks, a boring image can be transformed into a cool and stunning photo with the help of these creative filters.

Such cool images have more of an impact on Instagram users when they see them than plain text articles.

Pictures are much more memorable.

Users will be able to quickly associate your images on Instagram with your brand.
Main importantly, Pictures are much more share-worthy than textual content.

Instagram users can instantly share your Picture on a range of other social media platforms.

If they like and love your images, which can help improve your brand awareness.

Instagram basically makes content marketing more visually attractive.

It allows companies to communicate with their audiences with cool and stunning images.

This app also allows content and product retailers to create more user-generated content and better engage with their customers.

Instagram Marketing Tips

People open Instagram to find beautiful, striking, and original images.

That cannot be seen anywhere else on the other social media platform.

People do not want stock images on Instagram.

They want images that grab their attention immediately and make them want to share the images with their friends and family.

So the most important Instagram rule for content marketers.

Post original pictures, beautiful and highly creative images on Instagram.

This is a list of important tips of content marketers need to know and follow on Instagram:

Use pictures to explain company history

People tell about the company history to write down an article.

About how was the company was founded and who was the founder.

How progressed throughout the years when you can use creative and attractive images to tell your company’s story.

You can create a photo series using pictures of your first office your ideas and goals, group of employees, important agenda, etc.

To tell about your company has grown with help of images.

Provide exclusive content

Instagram is all about taking images and videos on the go.

Users love Instagram as it allows users to take gritty, candid shots and making them look stunning.

So don’t spend too much time editing and manipulating pictures. On Instagram. Also, avoid pictures that look too posed.

Give your followers unique and special candid picture candid images from company events or behind-the-scenes images of employees.

With your picture on Instagram, you can give people a sneak peek of what goes on in the background.

Reward followers

Acknowledge your best users on Instagram by showcasing their images.

On your company’s Instagram business account.

Followers Fans who share and tag your photos regularly deserve to be thanked for all their hard work.

This also allows to make of and publish generated content.

You can also see images of people using your products and feature them on your Instagram account.

Use hashtags and tags wisely

Hashtags – popularized by Twitter – you can be used on Instagram too.

Hashtags make it easier for users to find relevant content on Instagram.

So make sure that you use the correct hashtags.

Also, you have brand-specific hashtags that you can use frequently.

So that Instagram users can associate these hashtags with your brand easily find out.

Instagram has just launched its tagging feature.

That allows users to tag people’s images directly rather than use hashtags in comments.

Encourage your followers to tag your company in relevant images and you also need to ensure that you are using relevant tags for your images.

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