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Folks Can discover and Connect at Hidden Villa’s Farm & Community

The Short Version: Located on 1,600 acres inside foothills of Santa Cruz Mountains beyond San Francisco, concealed Villa is actually a nonprofit organic farm and educational ranch that attracts 55,000 visitors each year. Hands-on classes and fun events that concentrate on homesteading, durability, cultural explorations, and all-natural live tend to be scheduled throughout the year for young families, families, and seniors identical. A lot of come to concealed Villa — which boasts hiking tracks, a historic hostel, and romantic cabins — as volunteers provide back to this unique community. Hidden Villa’s lots of opportunities for finding out and research bring website visitors together that assist them develop unforgettable encounters.


When Frank and Josephine Duveneck bought Hidden Villa’s 1,600 miles of vineyards, olive groves, and fir woods away from San Francisco in 1924, they spared the house from a fate of particular development and commercialization. While earlier proprietors had utilized the land for economic gains, the progressive and socially minded pair selected rather in preserving the backwoods for ecological and civic advantage.

They opened their residence to shelter refugees fleeing through the Nazis, assisted Japanese-Americans coming back from internment camps, plus lent their home as meeting-place when it comes to organizers of what actually is today the joined Farm professionals union.

Frank and Josephine additionally created one night multicultural and racially integrated summertime camp in the united states, a forbearer on the green informative development that exists these days as an outreach work to school-aged children. Their eyesight was very huge that they instilled it within young children, whom contributed the house or property into the nonprofit trust developed by their particular parents before they died.

Nowadays, a stronger group of trustees, employees, and volunteers still develop Hidden Villa products with summertime camps, sustainable farming programs, and ecological instructional projects for both youngsters and adults. More than 55,000 individuals from across the world check out the company annually for an unforgettable, practical experience that will leave all of them deeply linked to the world and people around them.

Community tools show Visitors in regards to the Environment

While environmental knowledge for youth stays a big section of Hidden Villa’s purpose, the diary of activities is stuffed with activities aimed toward visitors of any age.

“you will find every get older enjoying this area: babies peeking out from their strollers, categories of school-aged children using their five senses in the garden, young adults looking inside sources of the food, grownups within 20s up through seniors within their 80s coaching, checking out, volunteering, and dealing,” mentioned Marc Sidel, Director of Visitor service.

Couples, friends, and buddies can understand best procedures for creating healthy compost for a yard and learning how to create frozen dessert using fresh fruits and herbs through the garden and whole milk and lotion from the resident milk cow, Tilly. You’ll find pilates classes (some featuring baby lambs) and tours that familiarizes you with the delicate scents and use of plant life for the garden also cheese-making classes and regular led nature hikes over the eight kilometers of trails throughout the house.

Additionally, there is a huge give attention to renewable farming. Site visitors can discover more about animal husbandry and renewable farm procedures. Needless to say, while using the fruits and vegetables, you’ll be able to purchase Hidden Villa-grown organic vegetables, meat, and eggs at the Los Altos Farmers Market or through the Community Supported Agriculture system.

Make Memories at Special Events

Along with all the standard public programs, Hidden Villa arranges events which can be best reasons to spend weekend with relatives here. In spring season, visitors of any age can enjoy expert pet Husbandry Manager Blair provide sheep their particular yearly haircut. The event begins with the herding dogs rounding in the sheep, while visitors read about the procedure of utilizing the wool to make breathtaking sweaters. There are lots of kids designs and practical rotating prepared each day.

Afterwards in April is another preferred occasion that sells aside: ladies full-moon Circle. Open for ladies and teen girls merely, absolutely performing, storytelling, healing, empowerment, and love provided through a guided program that centers on honoring nature, vitality, and happiness.

Concealed Villa in addition holds a Japanese Cultural time on May 19 to respect the guts’s record while the assortment of their site visitors. The afternoon will function Undo-Kai field games, food, tune, dance, flower arranging, a tea ceremony, and origami, among other pursuits.

The Homesteader’s Faire later on in May brings lawn gardeners, producers, fermenters, and foragers into the farm for presentations, discussions, songs, keynote speakers, and neighborhood meals. Website visitors can find out many techniques from drink and beer preparing to foraging for untamed food and canning and protecting techniques.

“we are excited to carry a varied and passionate population group together to share with you skills and do discussion around durability, stewardship, and self-reliance,” Marc stated.

Remain at the ancient Hostel or an exclusive, relaxing Cabin

With plenty doing at Hidden Villa, many people prefer to stay on the relaxing home. The Hidden Villa Hostel, dating back to 1937, had been refurbished considerably in 2001, work that influenced the American Institute of Architects to mention it among the 10 finest lasting projects in the United States.

Open from September through May, the hostel can sleep 39 visitors, as well as being usually leased for yoga and reflection retreats, household events, and parties.

Marc said friends typically originate from Silicon Valley organizations or communities inside Bay neighborhood, plus worldwide guests exactly who help in keeping alive the assortment which was very important towards the Duvenecks.

For couples or those looking for solitude, another housing on house is actually Josephine’s Retreat, a cozy, one-room cabin with a redwood deck, electric heater, operating liquid, and a kitchenette. As Josephine Duveneck utilized the cabin for expression and determination, so perform modern lovers seeking to get out of the hustle-and-bustle of urban area existence.

Ultimately, Hidden Villa supplies two bigger features to rent out for unique occasions. The Duveneck House and Dana Center both deliver rustic charm and delightful opinions that make the property therefore calm.

Hidden Villa: discover company While Meeting Others

The staff relies greatly on volunteers to help with activities at Hidden Villa, such as farm upkeep and educational development. Those people that reach the center do so with an open head and a willingness to learn, Marc informed united states.

“We approach everything we would as an understanding chance,” the guy said. “With a farm full of creatures and produce and wilderness locations teeming with a diversity of plants and creatures, those ‘teachable moments’ tend to be almost everywhere.”

Lovers can make lasting recollections with each other by spending an hour or two — or even more — at Hidden Villa, while young family members can spend quality time collectively more quickly in an all-natural ecosystem. It is the straightforward act of hookup — with one another with character — that renders Hidden Villa such a unique location.